High density High Pure Graphite Carbon Vanes Blades for Vacuum Pumps VT4.16

High density High Pure Graphite Carbon Vanes Blades for Vacuum Pumps VT4.16

Substantial density Substantial Pure CZPT CZPT Vanes/Blades for Vacuum Pumps VT4.16 

1. Specification:

(1) Item title: Large density Large Pure CZPT CZPT Vanes/Blades for Vacuum Pumps VT4.16 
(3) Shade: Black
(four) Materials: CZPT
(five) Dimensions: CZPTent requirements, as drawing or sample
(six) Thickness: two~6mm or quested
(seven) Variety: VT4.16/VT4.twenty five/VT4.40/VT3.60/VT3.80/VT3.one hundred/VT4.twenty five
(8) Density: one.8g/cm3
(nine) Flexural CZPT: 51-80Mpa
(ten) Compressive CZPT: fifty-290Mpa

two. Benefits of carbon vane

(one) Substantial purity
(two) Reduced wear fee
(three) Good hardness
(4) Self lubricating, dry working
(five) Lower coefficient of thermal growth
(6) Dimensionally steady

(7) Compatible with foods & prescribed drugs
(eight) Good affect resistance
(9) Excellent energy
(ten) High density and higher mechanical energy
(11) OEM services and welcomed

CZPT carbon vane dimensions for reference:

100x52x5mm 170x39x4mm 95x38x5mm 120x27x4mm 140x40x5mm
130x52x5mm 170x40x4mm 120x40x5mm 150x27x4mm 150x40x5mm
260x52x5mm 240x48x4mm 147x42x7mm 185x39x4mm 200x40x4mm
180x40x4mm 250x39x4mm 147x58x7mm 240x36x4mm 200x47x5mm
200x34x4mm 355x65x5mm 162x50x7mm 240x46x4mm 200x36x5mm
230x47x6mm 230x40x5mm 95x43x4mm 230x47x4mm 204x36x5mm

Typical vanes for vacuum pump grade No.as pursuing:
VT4.16,VT3.sixteen,VT3.6,VT3.three,VT3.twenty five,VT4.twenty five,VT4.eight,VT3.40,VT4.forty,VT3.10 VT4.ten DT4.forty,DT3.sixteen DVT3.eighty,DVT2.eighty,DVT3.60,DVT2.60,DVT3.100,DVT2.one hundred,DVT2.140,DVT3.one hundred forty,DVT4.a hundred and forty DVFT-250,VTLF-250,KVT-three.a hundred,KDT3.one hundred,KVT-three.80,KVT-two.80,KVT-3.60,DT4.forty,DT3.sixteen
VLT-10,VTA-eighty,VTA-a hundred and forty,VTA-one hundred,VLT-40,VLT-twenty five,VTA80,VLT-fifteen,VLT-60 KLT40,KTA-80,KTA-sixty/one,KTA50,KTA-one hundred VTA-a hundred and forty,DLT40,DLT-fifteen,DVT80,DTA-140/ZYB140F,TR-forty,TR80DV(30),TR-eighty/81,TR60/sixty one,TR61D V50,TR41DV(50),DLT40 CLTT141DV,CLFT-61D,CLFT-one zero one
kRX-1,KRX-three,KRX-5,KRX-six,KRX-7A,CBX-15,CBX-25,CBX-40,CBX-sixty two KRA-eight,KRA-ten,KRA-12 KH100,KH200,KH410,KHB-200,KHB-400,KHA400-302-G,KX-200T,KM41KD401-301
SV1040- 0571 534079,SV1016,SV1571B,SV300B
MSV-88 MSV-a hundred MSV-a hundred and forty MSV-two hundred MSV-380 MSV-four hundred MSV-600 MTN-V700
0571 -101Q 0823-101Q 1571-101Q 1423-101Q

four. Knowledgeable personnel crew

-We go after focuses on expert and excellence. Our personnel all with operating ordeals far more than thirty years, even several older workers are improvement together with our factory for several many years.

-Their CZPT experience, correct gear abilities, zero mistake rate and high frequency of professional production confident the good quality and delivery well timed.

five. After-sale service

Our business concentrate on the inspection not only for the manufacturing procedure but also close to the cargo approach when the cargo ended up finished.

All the items have handed rigorous testing, regardless of whether from the functionality, or from the physical appearance of the bundle.

6. CZPT picture

Welcome to ship the inquiry to us, thanks.

High density High Pure Graphite Carbon Vanes Blades for Vacuum Pumps VT4.16