Submersible Roots Blower -Three Lobed

Submersible Roots Blower -Three Lobed

Positive aspects

  1. Much quieter when submerged, without having the need to have for added soundproofing.
  2. Rigorous management of high quality CZPTs. For convenience, the motor and blower’s human body are linked as one to steer clear of conveyor set up.
  3. CZPT customization (dimensions, pressure, design and style, pump add-ons.  
  4. Fewer vibrations transmitted through the lobe, for lengthier-long lasting shafts, gears and bearings.
  5. 3-lobe style controls any backflow stress in the direction of rotor.
  6. Oil and dust-cost-free outlet.
  7. Lubricated with high quality oil, proven to be a much better option to grease.
  8. Considerable enhancement in air overall performance ratios: broader air, pressure and vacuum assortment, more stable flow, fewer pressure variations.
  9. Reduce strength consumption.


 Types and Specification 60Hz


      .1kgf/cm .15kgf/cm .2kgf/cm .25kgf/cm .3kgf/cm .4kgf/cm .5kgf/cm .6kgf/cm Noise
Product Bore Motor 1000mmAq 1500mmAq 2000mmAq 2500mmAq 3000mmAq 4000mmAq 5000mmAq 6000mmAq  
40A75 1.5B 1HP 1.4 .65 one.3 .68 one.2 .71 .seventy three 1. .75             forty six
4015 one.5B 2HP one.14 1. 1.10 1.15 1.06 1.two one.02 1.33 .98 one.45             47
5015 2B 2HP two.9 one.1     two.6 1.3     2.4 1.5             forty eight
5571 2B 3HP 2.9     2.six one.three     two.four 1.5 two.two 1.8 2. 2.     50
5037 2B 5HP two.nine 1.1     2.6 1.3     2.4 one.5 two.2 1.eight 2. two. one.eight 2.3 52
6522 2.5B 3HP     three.9 one.9     three.6 2.2             52
6537 two.5B 5HP four.1     three.9 one.nine     three.six 2.2 three.3 2.5 three.1 two.8 2.eight three.2 fifty four
65A22 two.5B 3HP 5.four 2. 2.2                     fifty four
65A37 2.5B 5HP five.4 two.     5.1 2.2 two.five 4.4 2.9 three.5     fifty seven
65A55 2.5B seven.5HP five.4 two.     5.1 two.two     4.7 two.five 4.four 2.9 4.1 three.five 3.eight 4. fifty nine
8037 3B 5HP 2.9     six.four three.two     six.             56
8055 3B 7.5HP two.9     6.four 3.2     six. four.three five.3 5.     fifty nine
8075 3B 10HP 2.9     6.four three.two     six. four.3 five.three five. five. five.eight 62
10055 4B seven.5HP nine.four 4.     nine. 4.6     8.6 five.two             sixty three
10075 4B 10HP nine.4 4.     nine. four.6     eight.6 five.2 8.two six.1 seven.eight     sixty five
10011 4B 15HP nine.four 4.     nine. 4.six     eight.six 5.two 8.two seven.eight seven.1 7.4 8.2 67
12575 5B 10HP 11.5 five.     11. 6.     ten.5 7.             sixty six
12511 5B 15HP 11.five 5.     11. 6.     ten.five seven. ten.1 8.1 9.six nine.4 ten.six sixty nine
125A11 5B 15HP 12.9 eight.2     12.five nine.three     12.2 10.3              
125A15 5B 20HP 12.nine 8.two     12.five nine.three     12.two ten.three 11.nine eleven.2 11.5 13. eleven.2 fourteen.5 70


  1. Squander drinking water therapy crops
  2. CZPTtroplating tanks
  3. Activated sludge methods


The volume of drinking water should be held earlier mentioned the least threshold
The temperature of h2o must be kept beneath 32oC


Any spare blower need to be saved in a dry spot to steer clear of humidity create-up. If saved in a damp area, run it two-a few times per 7 days to very clear humidity and avoid rusting

Payment conditions and Shipping and delivery

Payment: All the payment can negotiate, usually by T/T or L/C.
Supply:35-forty days following receipt of your payment, then we prepare cargo.


Submersible Roots Blower -Three Lobed