Filtang Rbv Horizontal Rubber Belt Vacuum Filter

Filtang Rbv Horizontal Rubber Belt Vacuum Filter

Filtang RBV Horizontal CZPT Belt Vacuum CZPT


Layout philosophy

Reliable potential
Motor drives ring-shaped rubber belt, rubber belt bears filter cloth to transfer forward concurrently, and slurry is evenly dispersed on filter fabric from materials feed-in system. Vacuum box is linked to vacuum pump and kinds vacuum suction filtration location on rubber belt, and filtration liquid in slurry is sucked into vacuum box via filter fabric and groove and holes on rubber belt, and later on performs discharge right after gas-liquid separation. Solid filter cake is stripped off by scraper at the stop where filter fabric moves, filter cloth is washed by higher-force h2o, and soon after becoming detected by deviation rectifier and feasible placement deviation being rectified, proceeds filtration functions. If washing operate approach is contained, spray unit can be arranged driving material feed-in system.

CZPT functions

CZPTly steady functions
CZPTs used in several industrial fields like chemical engineering, tailing, surroundings protection include DU belt vacuum filter, DJ inHangZhou filter, TC precision ceramic filter, PF vertical filter press, FFP filter push and so forth, and DU belt vacuum filter model takes up a major placement in filtration of coarse particles. Filtang RBV horizontal rubber belt vacuum filter is produced from DU belt vacuum filter, and when compared to DU belt vacuum filter model, the bulk of elements are upgraded, and identical as DU belt vacuum filter and DJ inHangZhou filter filters, is appropriate for filtration of coarse particles. RBV manage system routinely configures rubber belt and filter cloth to move intermittently, and continuously operates perform procedures including content feed-in, filtration, filter cake washing, content unloading and filer cloth cleaning. Operation of the equipment is simple and simple, equipment shut down and servicing is scarce, and it is able to attain 24h*365d steady functions below the situation of little handbook intervention.


Big tends to imply getting reasonable
Filtang horizontal rubber belt vacuum filter allows to adopt 6m extensive rubber belt in optimum, and regular output for a single device of tools to procedure standard supplies is 3000t/d, and common dampness of filter cake is 20%


Reduced value decision

Successful filter cake washing, extremely long service daily life, and modular cargo methods drastically boost earnings margin and attenuate environmental have an effect on.

Software industries

Broad applicability
It is used in reliable-liquid separation in the fields such as metallurgy, mine, chemical engineering, papermaking, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, and environmental security, particularly is far more applied in mine dressing and smelting and gypsum filtration of flue gasoline desulphurization (FGD) in energy plant.

CZPT Area m² CZPT Width mm CZPT Length m Weight T Measurement(L×W×H)mm
2 500 4 3. 7820×2000×2200
2.five 5 3.two 8820×2000×2200
3 6 3.4 9900×2000×2200
5 10 3.eight 14000×2200×2200
four.8 800 six five. 10050×2500×2200
six.4 eight five.five 12050×2500×2200
eight ten six. 14100×2600×2200
nine.six twelve 7. 16250×2600×2200
five 1000 five 5.three 8870×2600×2200
6 six 5.eight 10500×2600×2200
eight eight 6.three 12500×2800×2200
10 ten 6.eight 14500×2800×2200
12 12 7.3 16500×2800×2200
14 fourteen 7.eight 18500×2800×2200
seven.eight 1300 6 7.2 10400×3150×2200
ten.4 8 8.three 12400×3150×2200
thirteen ten nine 14400×3150×2200
fifteen.6 twelve 10.five 16400×3150×2200
18.two fourteen 11.5 18400×3150×2200
twenty.eight 16 twelve.five 20400×3150×2200
14.4 1800 8 twelve.7 12600×4000×2400
18 10 14600×4000×2400
21.6 twelve 15.three 16600×4000×2400
25.two fourteen 16.6 18600×4000×2400
28.eight sixteen 17.nine 20600×4000×2400
sixteen 2000 8 14.2 12700×4200×2400
20 ten fifteen.four 14700×4200×2400
24 twelve 17.2 16700×4200×2400
28 14 18700×4200×2400
32 sixteen 20.two 20700×4200×2400
36 18 21.7 22700×4200×2400
twenty five 2500 10 22 14500×4800×2400
thirty twelve 25.three 16500×4800×2400
35 14 27.four 18500×4800×2400
40 16 29.five 21500×4800×2500
forty five 18 31.six 23500×4800×2500
fifty twenty 38.six 25600×4800×2500
33.6 2800 12 20.five 17600×5000×2600
39.two 14 19600×5000×2600
36 3000 twelve 22 17600×5500×2800
forty two 14 24 19600×5500×2800
forty eight 16 28 21600×5500×2800
54 18 thirty.six 23600×5500×2800
60 20 35.2 25600×5500×2800
44.eight 3200 fourteen 35.three 19500×5700×3100
forty eight fifteen 36.2 20500×5700×3100
fifty one.2 sixteen 21500×5700×3100
fifty seven.6 18 23500×5700×3100
sixty four 20 42.five 25500×5700×3100
72 22.5 fifty two.four 28500×5700×3100
seventy two 4000 eighteen fifty six.two 24000×7100×3300
80 20 fifty eight.8 26000×7100×3300
88 22 66.6 28000×7100×3300
ninety six 24 69.4 30000×7100×3300
104 26 72.2 32000×7100×3300
90 4500 twenty 72 26500×7500×3600
ninety nine 22 75.two 28500×7500×3600
108 24 78.four 30500×7500×3600
117 26 81.6 32500×7500×3600
126 28 84.eight 34500×7500×3600
135 30 88 36500×7500×3600
one hundred forty four 32 ninety three 38500×7500×3600
153 34 97.8 40500×7500×4900
162 36 103 42500×7500×4900
171 38 108 44500×7500×4900
one hundred eighty 40 112 46500×7500×490


Our mission is to produce industrial filtration technological innovation and promote sustainabledevelopment of the planet

On June 24, 2019, a group of engineers who would like to demonstrate that new filtration engineering is better, faster and has a lot more choices than standard filtration engineering created Filtang. Filtang not only has the capability in establishing high-stop filtration technology, but also promotes the advancement of the total industry by spreading the new intelligent technologies. Filtang thinks that human’s prospect will be much more great if industrial filtration technology stays absent from the reliance on limited drinking water source and strength and moves forward to zero emission before.

Filtang carried out investigation and advancement operate on horizontal vacuum filter, rotary table vacuum filter, dynamic filter and cartridge filter in designs these kinds of as D1, and therefore opened a new page of filtration technological innovation in China. Soon after nineteen eighties, founder group of Filtang commenced research and growth of a sequence of new filtration products in Nuclear CZPT CZPT China CZPTry Plant, HangZhou CZPT CZPTry Plant, ZheJiang CZPT CZPTry Plant, and ZheJiang Feilong CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd. Therein, entire automated vertical filter press’ performance is extraordinary, filter cake moisture price is incredibly reduced, and can be continually upgraded by means of smart re-engineering. By means of several years’ tests and verification, it overturns people’s anticipations on filter of twenty first century. In the new journey, Filtang caters to subdivisions such as wonderful chemical engineering, new strength battery supplies, crude oil and oil sludge therapy and sludge drying, will tension on the improvement of new filtration products these kinds of as dynamic ceramic membrane filter, tower filter push and back again flushing urgent filter, and have out study and growth on engineering for comprehensive sets of equipment, top upgrading and advancement of the sector.

In comparison to traditional the technique of less interest compensated to study and advancement but emphasizing on manufacturing amongst Chinese enterprises, and overseas giants’ approach of stressing research and advancement and procurement, Filtang is persistent in the procedure technique led by innovation, and is devoted to sustainable improvement of creation environment and improve in ability. Filtang’s overall device and the vast majority of parts are created in the 20000 mtwo manufacturing plant in JWK, HangZhou. By self-made parts, Filtang not only is able to comprehensive supply in a brief time period of time, but also is ready to reduce expense of equipment components and improve controllability of item top quality.

In order to forge the total filtration method with sustainable development, Filtang designed intelligent filtration remedy composited by MEMS sensor system, clever concentrator and Cloud complete knowledge system, whereby consumers, architecture institutes and industrial filtration friends are capable to monitor real-time state of operations, control capacity and energy intake, and reduce functioning expenses significantly.

This is only a starting. Simultaneous to manufacturing substantial-stop filtration items, Filtang will continuously make products with cost-effective rates and simple to settle for for much more consumers, in an endeavor to recognize industrial clear filtration and sustainable manufacturing eventually. New mechanical framework, filtration medium and clever filtration remedy are in a position to ‘undertake the responsibilities alone’, and if they are blended with the apps, they will be far more strong. These are the potential that we count on.

Crew File:

In 2008, the very first China six m2 belt width and the greatest one hundred forty four mtwo vacuum belt dehydrator had been developed.
In 2009, produce the washing and filtering technologies of vertical filter push for extremely-fine components.
in 2571, create squander vertical filter press.
In 2012, 270 variety tremendous vertical full-automatic filter press was developed.
In 2013, the filter cloth complete walking horizontal filter press, higher suspended beam filter press and fast opening filter press have been developed.
In 2014, TP tower filter push and copper smelting technique comprehensive filtration and purification technological innovation task ended up produced.
in 2017, develop steel belt vacuum filter and hydraulic belt filter.
In 2019, Filtang CZPT Corporation was established, and intelligent filter system and smart tower filter push ended up created.


Filtang Rbv Horizontal Rubber Belt Vacuum Filter