Stainless Steel Cutting Sewage Water Pump V1300f

Stainless Steel Cutting Sewage Water Pump V1300f

Application Scope:
Cutting sewage pump is employed for the drainage of significant polluted h2o in manufacturing unit or commerce. Be employed for the drainage of sewage in residential spot. Be utilized for the drainage of sewage in healthcare facility and resort. Be employed for the drinking water offer and drainage in waterworks. Be utilized for the drinking water source and drainage system in town sewage treatment factory. Be utilized for the drainage of drinking water in civil air protection method. Be used for the municipal engineering and design internet site. Be utilized for agricultural methane, agricultural irrigation.
Software Situations:

pH: five_ 9, the temperature of h2o is considerably less than sixty C The material of impurity is less than twenty five%.
Installation Methods:

The pump can be set up in fixed and free stand design.

Mounted Wet Set up
The distinctive car-coupling system owned by our corporation is utilised. The pump slips down to the duck-foot pedestal alongside the manual rail and positioned routinely, tightly and reliably.
Free of charge stand Set up

Pump stand on the base by support plate and related with the adaptable pipe. This sort of installation is utilized in unexpected emergency, servicing and design (limit to the pump with electricity less than 4 kW. )
CZPT Characteristic
Installation Measurement (appear table)

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JV1100D 1.1kw 220V/50Hz 233L/min 7m 50mm 22.5kg 590x350x250(mm)
JV1300D one.3kw 220V/50Hz 300L/min 12m 50mm 25.5kg 590x350x250(mm)
JV1800D one.8kw 220V/50Hz 440L/min 10m 75mm thirty.5kg 590x350x250(mm)


Stainless Steel Cutting Sewage Water Pump V1300f