Portable Handheld Household Food Vacuum Sealer

Portable Handheld Household Food Vacuum Sealer

Make and Offer you Portable Handheld CZPT Food Vacuum Sealer CZPT CZPT From ZHangZhoug CZPT market Co. Ltd Manufacturing facility.Moveable Handheld CZPT Foods Vacuum Sealer CZPT CZPT Is CZPTly utilized by food packing companies.The method prevented spoilage and prolong the shelf lifestyle of meals goods, especially kinds transported above prolonged distances. It not only hindered the progress of germs and mold, but it also held foods new and prevented freezer melt away. Vacuum sealing is still used for the actual identical purpose right now. It truly is a practical and inexpensive way for homes to preserve, defend, keep their.

Mini Vacuum Sealer For Meals Preserve Fresh CZPT Function:
1.Model  No.:DZ-280A(Double Pump)
2. Color: White/Red
3.Content: Plastc Stomach muscles
four.Measurement: 380*65*fifty five mm
five. One particular-contact automated procedure with smart LED indicator, which is very straightforward to operate. Contain sealing and vacuum sealer two features. Do vacuum packing and sealing with one particular easy push.
six.Stops mold and microorganisms development and keeps the vitamins intact and meals fresh. Gets rid of freezer melt away, decreases spoilage and meals squander
seven.Closes a bag in significantly less than 10 CZPTs or sucks a bag in much less than 20 CZPTs, which is extremely fast and simple.
8.Compact dimensions and lightweight style for simple keep. Be cautious with the heated sealing edge, Not suggested for children to use
nine.Basic safety lock design retains the meals sealing machine tightly shut when currently being operated, quite secure and protecting against your fingers from getting burned. 
ten. Residence port at side stop the h2o into the device
eleven.Separate energy change: practical and protected
twelve.Foods quality sealing strip, a lot more much healthier
13.Removable vacuum PUV foam, effortless to exchange
fourteen.Interchangeable and resilient heat tape
fifteen.The plug of in excess of the planet
sixteen.CZPT vents, work for a long time will not overheat
17.CZPTean patent
18.Skid-proof and shock-evidence layout
19.Scale inside extensive sealing
20.”terminate” button allows you to end operating any time. Making the most of Do-it-yourself

Bundle Provided:

1×Vacuum Sealer Packing CZPT
10× Vacuum Sealer luggage
1×User Manual
1pc/color box
24boxes /carton
Carton measurement:40x32x42cm

HS CCZPT:8422400000

Mini Vacuum Sealer For Food Preserve Fresh CZPT Specification:

 Model  No. DZ-280 DZ-280A DZ-280B DZ-280C
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50HZ  a hundred and ten/60HZ
CZPT Power (W) sixty a hundred one hundred fifty
Final Vacuum Force (KPa) 72Kpa – 88Kpa
Quantity of CZPT Bar 2
CZPT Size & CZPT Width (mm) 280 ×8 280 ×8 280 ×8 280 ×8
Exterior Proportions (L×W×H) (mm) 380*sixty five*55 380*sixty five*fifty five 413×110×232 490×104×234
Net Excess weight (kg) .52 .six 1.36 one.6


Portable Handheld Household Food Vacuum Sealer