Automatic Vacuum Packing Sealing Machine

Automatic Vacuum Packing Sealing Machine

CZPT vacuum packing CZPT machine

alt=”Semi-completed Meals Thermoforming packaging machine”






High effectiveness.     It can complete in excess of 10,000 offers per day.

Labor conserving.      It can finish the whole packing method from film forming to all set bundle. 

Easy operation.    It truly is straightforward to manage the total equipment with PLC touch display screen.

CZPT.       It’s customzed to do the size ,substance and form of the bundle.

Multi-practical.     It’s optioinal to add further perform, this sort of as untraviolet sterlization,auto 

weighing,and so on.

CZPT.       Even a very small portion is of higher top model, this sort of Busch pump, Schneider factors.

Simple to maintain.   304 stainless steel,as the key material of the machie, is high corrosion resistance.

Following-sale support.   Our engineers are able to provider overseas.


Packages.(Vacuum Pores and skin Pack)









Pores and skin Pack is like a CZPT skin of the product that entirely attaches to it and at the very same time seals to the bottom tray. It also consists of any liquid that remains portion of the product and keeps fresh for a more time time. CZPTd the shelf existence can be prolonged by two-3 instances when compared to the very same merchandise exposed in open ambiance. CZPT shelf lifestyle & enhanced presentation for skin packaging is the new development of package deal growth.




 Product Information





To make certain the safety of individuals and home we make a number of design and style on the machine such as stainless steel include for diverse segment to hold the hand out of moving areas. Basic safety sensors are put in below the include, inside the door and other detachable areas to make confident the equipment can car-quit whilst the handles and doors are open.







Simple Functioning


Massive measurement 10″ contact monitor make the procedure simple and safe. The program is straightforward to discover and easy to use. The equipment also have effortless mould changing design which can make the mold modifying quickly and effortless. 






Character customization


Utien  is able of implementing other 3rd celebration equipments to our packing equipment to make a greater vehicle packing line.





CZPT Information


Machine Parameters

Dimensions 6000mm*1250mm*1900mm


Functioning Height 1000mm
Working Panel Peak 1600mm
Loading Region Duration 1500mm(Customizable)
Working Parameters
Base CZPT Width ≤520mm
Progress Length ≤500mm
Forming Depth ≤150mm
Leading CZPT
Content Sealable PEPA Multi-layer Co-extruded CZPT CZPT
Print Pre-printed Leading CZPT or Transparent Leading CZPT
Roll Diameter 250mm at most
Thickness ≤200um
Bottom CZPT
Material Sealable PEPA Multi-layer Co-extruded CZPT CZPT
Print Unprinted Coloration Bottom CZPT or Clear CZPT
Roll Diameter 500mm
Thickness ≥300um
Vacuum Pump BUSCH(Germany)
CZPTtrical Factors Scheneider(French)
CZPT Factors SMC(Japanese)
PLC, Contact Display screen & Servo Motor CZPT(ZheJiang )


The parameter in this sheet is for reference only, some of the info may be diverse with diverse situation.





Product suggestion





   Beef VSP Package           Chicken Vacuum Bundle Meat M.A.P Package deal





     Fish VSP Package        Meat Vacuum Package     Sandwich Deal





Automatic Vacuum Packing Sealing Machine