Food Grade Stainless Steel Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

Food Grade Stainless Steel Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

Foodstuff Grade CZPT Metal CZPT Centrifugal Pump (ACE-B-V5)

Centrifugal pump is a sanitary centrifugal pump that meets the optimum sanitary needs for use in the foods-processing and pharmaceutical,dairy,milk,bear industries.
Some of its employs incorporate processes in the brewing, dairies and beverage industries in general, and with the proper options it can also be utilised in intricate programs such as evaporators, concentrators, distillation towers, decanting of syrups, and purified-drinking water loops in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our centrifugal pump is a sanitary pump that satisfies the maximum sanitary requirements for use in the meals-processing and pharmaceutical, dairy, milk, bear industries.
Some of its uses consist of procedures in the brewing, dairy and beverage industries, and with the appropriate choices it can also be employed in sophisticated applications this sort of as
Evaporators, concentrators, distillation towers, decanting of syrups, and purified-drinking water loops in the pharmaceutical market.

Housed within the casing, the impeller rotates in conjunction with the pump shaft. With this arrangement, the impeller blades express power to the fluid in the form of
Kinetic strength and strain vitality.
Due to the special style of the pump casing and impeller, the BOGP centrifugal pump has much increased force than CZPT centrifugal pump.

Motor: .55-22Kw
Impeller: Open kind
CZPT speed: 2900rpm(50Hz)or 3600rpm(60Hz)
Flow: one.5-one hundred twenty/h
Raise: -75m
MAX strain: 7Bar
MAX temperature: 120degree
Connection: Clamp, Thread, Flange, Welding
Common: DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO, IDF, RJT
We have open up impeller and close impeller varieties. And in accordance to customers’ requirements, we design and style movable kind and explosion sort.
Layout and Normal:
Design and style primarily based on 3A hygienic CZPT
Adjustable stainless steel leg
CZPT seal: One mechanical seal and double mechanical seal.

Motor housing: Chilly rolled stainless metal plate
CZPT casting impeller: AISI 304/316L
Speak to areas with substance: Viton, EPDM
Gasket: SSC-Sic/EPDM
Inside surface: Ra≤ .8um
External surface area: Mirror polish

Layout and characteristics
 CZPTent Link sort: Welding Thread Clamp
 CZPTent connections CZPT:DIN,SMS,JIS, ISO.
 Open impeller manufactured with stainless metal investment casting technological innovation.
 CZPT mechanical seal.  
 Parts in contact with pumped media AISI 316L or 304
 Pump support from AISI 304
 Inside floor finishing Ra < 0.8 um.
 Outside surface ending Mirror polished



Product Circulation(Ton/Hour) Raise(M) Electrical power(KW)   Inlet   Outlet
ACE03-15   three   15   .75   38   32
ACE03-twenty   three   twenty   1.1   38   32
ACE05-24   5   24   one.5   fifty one   38
ACE05-32   five   32   two.two   fifty one   38
ACE10-24   ten   24   2.2   fifty one   38
ACE10-32   10   32   3   fifty one   38
ACE15-24   15   24   three   51   fifty one
ACE20-24   twenty   24   four   fifty one   fifty one
ACE20-35   20   35   5.5   sixty three.5   fifty one
ACE30-24   thirty   24   5.five   sixty three.five   51
ACE30-35   thirty   35   7.5   63.five   51
ACE40-24   forty   24   seven.5   76   63.5
ACE50-24   50   24   7.five   76   63.five
FLT50-35   50   35   11   76   sixty three.five
ACE80-thirty   eighty   thirty   fifteen   89   seventy six
ACE80-40   80   forty   18.5   102   89

one.CZPT valve
CZPT Butterfly Valves
CZPT Check Valves
CZPT Ball Valvess
CZPT Reversal Valve
CZPT Diaphragm Valves
CZPT Sample Valves
2.CZPT Pipe Fittings
CZPT Elbow
CZPT TeeCZPT Reducer
CZPT Cross
CZPT Triclamp Ferrule
CZPT Pipe Hanger
CZPT Tank Cleansing Ball
CZPT Hose Joint
CZPT Sight Glass
CZPT Strainer
3.CZPT Manways
CZPT Round Manway without having Stress
CZPT Round Manway with Strain
CZPT Sq. Manway
CZPT Oval Manway
four.CZPT Pumps
CZPT Centrifugal PumpCZPT Lobe Pump
CZPT Self Priming Pump
five.CZPT Tanks
Storage Tank
Fermentation Tank
Mixing Tank
Warm-maintaining Tank
six.CZPT Tube
Seamless Tube
Weldless Tube
7.CZPT Gasket
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Triclamp
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for CZPT
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Butterfly Valve
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Manhole Go over


Food Grade Stainless Steel Sanitary Centrifugal Pump