1.5kw Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Air Pump

1.5kw Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Air Pump

XD series vacuum pump 

 XD collection vacuum pump is a one-phase rotary vane oil-sealed vacuum pump, which is a single of principal reduced and medium vacuum equipments. It can be used individually and be as forepump of vacuum pump, mechanical booster pump, and turbo molecular pump.
XD collection vacuum pumps are obtainable for lower and medium vacuum fields, which are primarily utilised for pumping air and other dry gases instead than corrosive, toxic, flammable and explosive gases. Moreover, they can’t pump the gases containing small particles or dust and are not able to transport other little objects.
XD series vacuum pumps can function for long term in the well-ventilated area with ambient temperature of 5-thirty ºC and with humidity ≤80%. In addition to the previously mentioned programs, the XD series vacuum pumps can be available other programs, such as:
1. To improve the quantity of the pumping gas and to boost the vacuum diploma, please mix with Roots pumps to form a unit for this.
two. If pumping moist air or condensable fuel, the condenser can be put in prior to the vacuum pump and the fuel ballast valve is mounted on the vacuum pump.
3. If pumping the gases that contains dust particles, the dust filters can be put in in entrance of the vacuum pump.
4. If pumping the corrosive gases, the corrosion-evidence gasoline filter can be set up in entrance of the vacuum pump. 



   XD-571   XD-040   XD-063   XD-one hundred   XD-160   XD-202   XD-250    XD-302

        Pumping price


20 40  63 a hundred  160 202 250 302



  .1~.five  0.one~.5 .1~.5  0.1~.five  0.five .1  0.one  0.1



.seventy five (solitary phase0.9Kw 1.five two.two  3  4.5 four.5  5.5  7.5

Motor Pace


2880 1440  1440 1440 1440 1440  1440  1440

  Sound (db)

≤62 ≤65  ≤65 ≤67  ≤70  ≤72  ≤73   ≤75

Allowable steam stress


forty forty  40  40    40    40   40   40

Functioning drinking water steam (Kg/h)

 0.3 .3   one  1.6     two.5     4   four.5   5




eighty two 80   80    84     ninety five   95    81    83

Oil volume



.5 one   two    2     5    5   7    7




13 forty   65     seventy eight   a hundred and forty    140   185   201

Air ingestion thread

Rp3/4″ Rp1one/four” Rp1one/four” Rp11/four” Rp2″  Rp2″  Rp2″ Rp2″

Total dimensions


650*three hundred*280 650*three hundred*280 650*430*295 720*430*295 eighty five*50.5*forty four 85*fifty.5*forty four 98*fifty six*forty four one zero one*fifty six*forty four

    Product’s Application


1.5kw Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Air Pump